Sky Acre Winery has revolutionized winemaking with the GOfermentor

Sky Acre Winery has turned the art of winemaking on its head by introducing a waterless winery. With the use of a GOfermentor, the winemaker can tackle many common challenges such as contamination, labor costs, and water costs.

How does it Work?

The GOfermentor consists of only two basic components – the base and the single-use liner. The base is a reusable, rigid outer container that holds the liner in position. Since the wine never comes in contact with the base, it can be reused between batches by simply wiping down the surfaces. The flexible liner has two chambers – one for fermenting and a second for inflating the bag. There are no chemicals to clean because the liner, which, is biodegradable, is simply thrown away.

GOfermentor provides new technology to face major challenges in winemaking

Because the Gofermentor does not require a wash or rinse, winemakers are able to reduce labor and water costs. On average, water savings reach 90%. This is possible because the GOfermentor creates a sealed environment through the absence of oxygen thereby minimizing potential contamination