NOairWine™ Aging

airless-aging-tankAfter fermentation in our GOfermentor device, the wine is stored and aged in yet another innovative device – the NOairWine system. It is well know that exposure to air during aging and storage degrades wine quality. Yet, all wineries store their wine in barrels or tanks. Due to sampling and evaporation, these containers are often partially full, and the residual air in the headspace of the barrel or tank reacts with the remaining stored wine degrading it. wine-tanks-sky-acres
Enormous effort is spent in wineries worldwide “topping” off these containers with fresh wine to keep them full to the brim. Wooden barrels have the additional problem that they are porous, and air can diffuse into the wine through the wood.

Our patent-pending NOairWine system uses a single-use flexible metalized plastic liner with a unique fill/drain port that does not permit any air to contact the wine. As wine is withdrawn from storage for racking or sampling, the liner collapses and no headspace is generated where air could ruin the wine. GO-fermentor-stackThe wine only contacts the single-use liner, not the outer support vessel. The process eliminates the tedious washing of barrels/tanks reducing the huge amount of wash water typically used in conventional wineries.

Oak staves are introduced into the liner for “oaking” as desired. The elimination of air also minimizes, and in many cases, eliminates the need to add sulfites to the wine. Micro-oxygenation, when needed, can be done by controlled blasts of oxygen into the wine.

The NOairWine system can be implemented in barrels – we have a number of these on racks in our (56 ⁰F) wine-aging room. Each holds the equivalent of 20 cases of wine. We also have to same system for bulk containers – these hold up to 60 cases of wine each.